Kaya Records is a dynamic player in the electronic music world acting with passion and inspired by the universality of art. By offering the tracks of important music producers for sale on digital platforms, we share the power of art with you, offer a unique musical experience to our listeners. We attach most importance to melody in the songs we publish. We believe that the melody should definitely affect the person listening to the piece.

In addition, we organize organizations to bring together the performances of world-famous DJs with you. We organize many events throughout Turkey to bring people together in the magical world of electronic music. Beyond just being a record label Kaya Records also carries the mission of building a community. By bringing together electronic music lovers in Turkey we connect people who share a common passion and unite communities through the power of music.

As Kaya Records, we believe that music is a universal language that brings people together. Our record company has been actively involved in all digital platforms since 2006. Its founder is Sertac Kaya.